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June 18, 2021 — The Colorado Sun,  a journalist-owned, award-winning digital news outlet based in Denver Colorado  publishes a Lundy Foundation opinion piece - Medical science alone can't stop pandemics. The missing link is leadership - calling for the funding of empirical research focused on measuring and applying the "Leadership Factor" in better managing pandemics including Covid-19. Read the opinion.

April 13, 2021 — Chronicle of Philanthropy publishes the Lundy Foundation’s opinion piece The Pandemic Shows Why Philanthropy Should Support Efforts to Improve Leadership Practices Across the Globe on why grant makers should invest in applied pandemic leadership research. Read the opinion.

March 16, 2021 — The International Leadership Association publishes the Lundy Foundation’s opinion piece  "Science of Leadership Is Next Frontier in Eradicating COVID-19” on why science alone can not eradicate Covid-19. We need to research effective leadership practices in public health, not only to improve outcomes in the next critical phases of this pandemic, but to inoculate our leaders against future deadly failures to respond effectively to public health crises. Read the opinion.


October 5, 2020 — Lundy Foundation and its project partners launch a global research project focused on empirically measuring leadership practices and behaviors in the Covid-19 pandemic so as to improve current and future pandemic responses.

The partnership believes that “leadership” is a key quantifiable variable that significantly effects either positively or negatively pandemic outcomes (e.g. lives lost or saved). The project’s goal is to provide decision-makers useful information on how better to manage pandemic responses. Read the partnership's concept paper entitled Understanding How Leadership Affects Pandemic Responses


June 10, 2019 — Lundy Foundation and its project partners design a 3 year national research project — Investing in High–Performing Campaign Teams Research to Enhance the Common Good of DemocracyThe project is focused on determining if using high performance team/managerial theory can elevate how political campaigns are organized, managed and empirically assessed so as to create a healthier and more equitable democracy. The secondary goal of the project is to see if these practices can lead to more effective governance.

May 3, 2019 — Lundy Foundation’s Support of Test & Treat to end HIV/AIDS over the Past 10 Years Bears Fruit

Since 2010, the Lundy Foundation has supported the TTEA partnership ( that has been advocating for the immediate start of anti-viral HIV drugs for those who test positive to prolong lives and stop HIV transmissions.

In a landmark study published in the Lancet on May 2, 2019 The PARTNER study found that men whose HIV infection was fully suppressed by antiretroviral drugs had zero chance of infecting their partner. The treatment has already been shown to protect heterosexual partners where one person has HIV as reported by The Guardian. This study validates that the Test & Treat strategy that Lundy supports not only is effective but provides a pathway to eliminate HIV/AIDS around the globe that has killed over 35 million people to date.


July 15, 2017 — Lundy Foundation Supports Award-Winning Documentary on Young African Women.

The Lundy Foundation continues to support Denver-based filmmakers in their efforts with an animated film on young women in Africa. The award-winning feature documentary (LIYANA) takes an in-depth look at the real lives of five orphaned children in Swaziland, Africa. The Durban International Film Festival in South Africa featured the film in July 2017. It is a wonderful, uplifting film about the courage and tenacity of young women in Africa dealing with HIV/AIDS. Read reviews below.

"Gorgeous. Unlike any documentary you've ever seen." — Entertainment Weekly

"The standout film for me this year." — Huffington Post

"Actress Thandie Newton Turns to Producing for Animated-Live Action Documentary 'Liyana'" — Variety

"LIYANA is brilliant. Realer than any Disney animation I've ever seen" — Shadow & Act

Women Directors Win Big at LA Film Festival — Women and Hollywood

An absolute must-see - one of the great finds of 2017 – Unseen Films

"Truly special and compelling to watch." "A testament to the power of story" — Cinemacy


July 5, 2016 — Congress passes, President Obama signs the Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability Act.

President Obama signed the Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability Act (H.R. 3766) codifying key reforms that Lundy has been advocating for since 2006 to ensure U.S. foreign assistance is transparent and measures for impacts. Read legislation

June 13, 2016 — New York Times Editorial states "The World Could End AIDS if It Tried". Read article

March 1, 2016 — Mounting scientific evidence points to test-and-treat as the most effective strategy to end HIV/AIDS until a vaccine is developed. The treatment strategy has won the support of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, the World Health Organization and other leading global health organizations. As part of its advocacy efforts, the Lundy Foundation is advocating to fully fund test-and-treat implementation by exploring a range of financial options, including quantitative easing.


May 30, 2015 — Treating H.I.V. patients before they get sick Read New York Times editorial

May 27, 2015 — H.I.V. treatment should start at diagnosis, U.S. health officials say Read New York Times article and accompanying NIH study.

Since 2010, TTEA ( have been advocating for the immediate start of anti-viral HIV drugs to prolong lives and stop HIV transmissions. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases study provides overwhelming evidence that immediate treatment saves lives and prevents individuals from passing the disease on to others.

March 27, 2015 — U.S. Department of State continues to refine its evaluation policies as advocated for by the Lundy Foundation. Read Department of State’s 2015 evaluation policies.

Since 2006, the Lundy foundation has called for the evaluation of all US foreign assistance programs to ensure that these programs are producing intended impacts and that US taxpayer dollars are spent effectively.


July 24, 2013 — New York Times Editorial Board endorses test and-treat-- a strategy that the Lundy Foundation has been urging global leaders to adopt-- to stop HIV transmissions and begin eradicating the pandemic. Read editorial

February 19, 2013 — Lundy Foundation’s president lectures at the University of Colorado Leadership Residential Academic Program and Newton Chair in Leadership on how each of us can use our passion and leadership skills to better the world we live in. Read announcement


June 19, 2012 — U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, TTEA’s Senior Technical Adviser Dr. Brian Williams and the Lundy Foundation’s president conduct a briefing for members of the U.S. Congress and staff in Washington, D.C., regarding the use of test-and-treat as the lead global strategy to stop HIV transmissions and begin eradicating the disease.

Watch 2-minute teaser
Watch full congressional briefing
Watch post-briefing interview with Dr. Brian Williams
Read congressional briefing handout

March 15, 2012 — Lundy Foundation’s president interviewed on VoiceAmerica’s ”Capital Thinking“ radio show about using test-and-treat to stop the spread of HIV around the globe. Listen to the interview:

Part 1 Part 2

January 5, 2012 — Gov. John W. Hickenlooper (Colorado) congratulates the Lundy Foundation and its international partners on their efforts to end the global HIV/AIDS pandemic. Read congratulations letter


December 28, 2011 — Dr. Brian Williams, Lundy Foundation’s senior partner and researcher (TTEA), is interviewed by National Public Radio in the United States regarding test-and-treat (Antiviral Drugs Sparkle In The Race To End AIDS). Listen to the interview

November 28, 2011 — Lundy Foundation’s president interviewed on National Public Radio about using early drug treatment to stop the spread of HIV around the globe. Listen to the interview

November 8, 2011 — Secretary Clinton endorses Lundy Foundation’s test-and-treat strategy in a speech at the National Institutes of Health. Read press release

September 23, 2011 — Lundy Foundation’s president featured in a new book (The Humanitarian Leader in Each of Us: 7 Choices That Shape a Socially Responsible Life) on global humanitarian leadership. Read press release

February 1, 2011 — Lundy Foundation joins international partnership to advocate for the funding of a large-scale test-and-treat “proof of concept” to determine the strategy’s effectiveness in ending the transmission of HIV and eradicating AIDS globally. Read press release


October 7, 2010 — Lundy Foundation’s president receives 2011 humanitarian award from the University of Notre Dame. Read press release

September 2010 — Lundy Foundation’s evaluation team publishes journal article in Global Public Health on the importance of using power constructively in helping others to empower themselves. Read article

June 28, 2010 — Lundy Foundation’s evaluation team publishes journal article in Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies on measuring child depression in Tanzania, East Africa. Read article

January 29, 2010 — Lundy Foundation funds Christmas and New Year's festivities in Idweli, Tanzania. Read press release


December 7, 2009 — Lundy Foundation’s evaluation team publishes journal article in the Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved on the importance of impact evaluation. Read article

September 3, 2009 — Lundy Foundation calls on Congress to enact evaluation legislation for all foreign assistance programs. Read 1-page white paper


December 1, 2008 — New book shares challenges faced during Lundy Foundation’s evaluation work in Tanzania. Read press release

August 29, 2008 — The Denver Post interviews Denver activist Vic Dukay who fights to get foreign aid to those who really need it (Crusader for Orphans Fights for Aid). Read article at the or view pdf

July 31, 2008 — Patton Boggs LLP applauds Lundy’s PEPFAR measurement and evaluation legislative work. Read press release

July 25, 2008 — Guest commentary: George Grob addresses PEPFAR reauthorization. Read commentary


March 4, 2006 — President Bill Clinton endorses Lundy research. Watch video

February 23, 2006 — President Bill Clinton endorses Lundy Foundation efforts for African children. Read press release


November 20, 2005 — The Sunday Denver Post: Aid efforts bear fruit in Africa. Read article

November 13, 2005 — The Sunday Denver Post: Orphaned by AIDS ... embraced by strangers. Read article

September 1, 2005 — Lundy Foundation wins Rockefeller grant to study impacts of Children’s Center on AIDS orphans in Tanzania. Read article

June 24-30, 2005 — Denver Business Journal: Giving, so far away. Locals help orphans in Tanzania. Read article

June 11, 2005 — The Guardian (Tanzania): New orphanage opened in Rungwe District. Read article

June 8, 2005 — The center opens. Read more

June 8, 2005 — The center opens. Watch video